The Winter of 88 (album, 2015)

by Seafieldroad

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The third album by Seafieldroad.

‘A quietly majestic thing. As irresistible as a warm hearth on a snowy day, these songs do for Scotland’s east coast what the Blue Nile’s did for the city of Glasgow.’ Scotland on Sunday

‘A genuinely poetic statement that looks out to physical seascapes and political landscapes and inwards to conflicting emotions.’ Sunday Herald


released February 8, 2015

Written and performed by Andrew Eaton-Lewis
Produced by Hamish Brown
Choral singing and arrangements by Laura Eaton-Lewis, Joanne Richardson, Martin Bainbridge and Andrew Eaton-Lewis
Live trumpet by Andy Moore
Names of the 88 read by Drew Wright
Guitar on The Winter of 88 by Hamish Brown
Mastered by Jason Mitchell

This album is dedicated to the memory of Jim Eaton and Donald Tiso

THANK YOU to all the people who have supported this project:

1. Michael O'Hara, 2. Frank Lees, 3. Daniel Stevens, 4. Martin Bainbridge, 5. Rachael Easterby, 6. Alex Sarll, 7. Elaine McDonald, 8. Donald McLeish, 9. Turid Reppe Roverselli, 10. David Leddy, 11. Jonathan Kelly, 12. Alick Leslie, 13. Richard Palermo, 14. John Banks, 15. Ciaron Drain, 16. David Harley, 17. Graeme Duncan, 18. Charles Ford, 19. Dave Moreman, 20. Richard Fitzpatrick, 21. Matthew Brook, 22. Jenny Lindsay, 23. Louise Sinclair, 24. Nicol McNeill, 25. Scott Urquhart, 26. Duncan McKay, 27. Mhari Hetherington, 28. Jane Alexander (and Aidan Kirke), 29. Phil Whaite, 30. Thorsten Gritzan, 31. Elena Gritzan, 32. Elliot Mather, 33. Turner Docherty, 34. Carla Hine, 35. W de Weerdt, 36. Paul Willmott, 37. Joanne Richardson, 38. Pete Harvey, 39. Mark Fisher, 40. Catherine Duda, 41. Jennifer Paterson, 42. Michael Hughes, 43. Peter Leckie, 44. Gabe Stewart, 45. Joyce McMillan, 46. Alastair Mack (and Hanah Mack), 47. Catriona Easton, 48. Roger Cox, 49. Tom Janes, 50. Mark Renner, 51. Paul Giannini, 52. Hamish Agnew, 53. Ian Scott, 54. Andy Borland, 55. Sven Lorenz, 56. JK Stroet, 57. Malcolm Stewart, 58. Luke Oldale, 59. Charlotte Gardiner, 60. Ruth Mills, 61. David Robinson, 62. Shona Reppe, 63. Alexa Greaves, 64. Francesca Greaves, 65. Emma Greaves, 66. David Stewart, 67. Anthony Hall, 68. Craig Naples, 69. Iain Stormont, 70. Norman Campbell, 71. Donald Tiso (and Julie Ellis), 72. Jon Clinton, 73. Ben Hall, 74. David Thomson, 75. Ian Brock, 76. Sean Knubley, 77. Martin Rafferty, 78. Markus Petz, 79. Sean Powley, 80. Caroline Doney, 81. Claudia Beyerlein, 82. Luke McAdams, 83. Laura Milne, 84. Boram Lee, 85. Hamish Brown, 86. Chad Beckett, 87. Lily Higham, 88. Laura Eaton-Lewis.



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Track Name: The last house on Holland Island
The staircase has long since collapsed
All of the secrets hidden in the attic
slowly dissolve in the silt
until none of it matters anymore.

Dad tried hard to hold back the water
Sank a barge, piled sandbags on sandbags
but we knew, we all saw the fear in his eyes

The last house on Holland island is slipping under
and taking our history with it
but this is not our home.
That disappeared years ago

All these islands will sink
All these houses will fall
We'll build new homes anyway
Track Name: A port in the storm
I take Beau down to the beach and tell her this is where everything started
We crawled up out of the water, determined to make something of ourselves
Mostly we stumbled and fell

And she says love me, that's all

I take Beau down to the beach, she's crying but the ocean seems to calm her
It's like she remembers something, something that the rest of us forgot in all the stumbling and falling

And she says love me, that's all

There's a chill in the air but I want to stay
quiet in the glow, the pub the arcade the promenade and all that we know
When the big flood comes and sends us back where we started from everything will seem this simple

Inchkeith, Inchcolm, Inchgarvie,
please give my daughters a port in the storm.
Track Name: There is no authority that we won't argue with
When the light fades, when the light's almost gone
they'll be happy, sure of what's coming next
Meanwhile we will lie awake in our beds
too scared to face all the thoughts in our heads
Hold on to what makes sense, don't fear the ghosts

And so foolishly we'll try to beat them anyway
Yeah there is no authority that we won't argue with
We are passionate, we'll shout and we'll cry
And we won't take any grief from some bastard in the sky
Hold on to what makes sense, wrap it up tight

If you'll have me I will be yours till cathedrals fall
or I won't be yours at all

I don't want you to forgive me, I just want your love
I don't want you to redeem me, I just want your love
So don't pretend you're fine, or that you have answers much of the time
Hold on to what makes sense, hold on to me.
Track Name: Don't let the winter freeze your heart
All the Christmas songs, all the pictures on the wall, won't keep out the cold, or make you feel less old
You say that you're fine but you are not fine at all
You watch the world progress and need you less and less,
knowing that you are past the half way point
knowing that you don't want to go where you're going

But you need to remember that the weather's just weather
or the cold will get colder, it'll just kill you faster
If you do one thing between now and spring don't let the winter freeze your heart

And the love and attention you want won't come and the world just seems more unfair
And some idiot on the radio is convinced we should all love snow
And you know to survive you've got to keep warm
But you just want to give up, cry, and throw the doors open

You need to remember that the weather's just weather
And the chill of this winter will not last forever
So if you do one thing between now and spring don't let the winter freeze your heart
don't let the winter freeze your heart
Track Name: The world is just noise
Tie up those loose ends before it's too late, before he's gone
It won't be that long now

I've been angry at you for years,
It is exhausting, it is so pointless
We can't even argue any more

You are a shadow of the person who hurt me
Maybe you're sorry, maybe you don't know
who are these people who look vaguely like you
Who've come to accuse you of all sorts of nonsense
Of nothing that makes sense, of nothing you did.

The train along the coast that takes you to his house
takes just 40 minutes, it's really no journey at all

You are so small now, afraid of the cold outside,
the cold that could kill you if you let it in
You're scared of computers, of cars that drive too fast
You're scared of teenagers.
The world is just noise, so what is the point in pointing the finger?

So let that loose end go, find a new knot to tie,
to tie him to you, before he unravels and disappears.
Track Name: This road won't build itself
My wife and I are way off the map
We're building a country completely from scratch
We won't get to live there, we're sad about that
But it will be better than anything we had
when we were kids

And everyone round here is building it too
They've got tools to work with, they know what to do
They just need the courage to see it through
And not be ground down by the lies and abuse
when we were kids

This road won't build itself
Pick up your spade, pick up your axe
There's hope on the horizon
But only if we walk there

This road won't build itself
Pick up your spade, pick up your axe
Put houses up along the way
A place to keep our children safe

They'll tell you you don't need to
This road's already built
Your houses are right here
Put down your spade, put down your axe

But look at the fear on their faces
The grey hairs and the bruises
Their houses are collapsing
And they're still painting over the cracks
Track Name: Clean pale hands
God told you to come and talk to me
Shame that he didn't mention it cause I would have made time
Sadly I'm too busy doing the devil's work

Find a new cause, this one's been lost
You might have had me when I was 14
You'd be surprised how much I want to
But once you lose it you can't get it back

I can't go back, I can't go back
I'd love to help you but I can't go back
I wish you luck squeezing the world
into the palms of your clean pale hands
Track Name: Findhorn
The world is not what you thought it was
And nothing I can say will help
But I can give you car keys and time
And you can do the rest yourself
Drive north, follow the map, just keep on till you reach the sea

Go find yourself and come back
Go find yourself and all the white noise will disappear.

The world is not here to make sense
Or fill you up with confidence
The world's exactly what it is
And it can kill you with a kiss
You're fine, you're all grown up, I'm right here but that's where I'll stay.

Go find yourself and come back
Go find yourself and all the white noise will disappear.

I've spent your whole life letting you go.
I've done all I can and now I just want to disappear
into the Findhorn sky.
Track Name: Leave the stadium
We took a walk through what's left of the stadium
after the games had gone
Thinking about all the medals we didn't win, the medals we didn't win.
We were seduced by the promise of prizes, sprinting and stumbling till we realised we were caught in a loop again, jumping through hoops again.
Yes there were choices
choices we could have made
but we let it hang,
Got sold down a river of Coca Cola

We said goodbye to the loss of our youth with some youth killing, soul searching substance abuse,
Was it we didn't train enough
or didn't complain enough?
Someone else built this place, someone else set these rules, how the hell didn't we figure out who and how to beat them?

Yes there were choices
choices we could have made
but we let it hang,
Got sold down a river of Coca Cola.

Since everything that we've been sold as a dream is just slogans and fakery
You'd think that by now we'd have got to a point where we don't believe in anything
but somehow each day we still wake up and hope it will all amount to something.
Hope's the thing that kills you
Hope that someone else will change the rules
Time to leave the stadium.
Track Name: The winter of 88
Something as small as a keyboard and a microphone
Can tell you the world is endless and you're not alone
but also that you're not a child and that you can't go home
And so I started not knowing where
I'd go or if anyone would care
winter of 88

And if I'd been the toast of London I would still be old
And if I'd been the king of New York I would still be old
In the end we're all just trying to keep out the cold
and the high score of who will be dead and gone
before the world sees another one
winter of 88

We'll sing these songs through all the winters
And if no one remembers we were ever here
there'll be echoes, there'll be traces.

I'll keep on singing into the void
I dedicate this to every one of you
May you get through the winter
and find some hope
and find some peace
and find some love
Track Name: Islands of the north Atlantic
The ferry's almost here
We're in the camper van
The girls are sleeping
We've never been more awake

The journey here took too long
And now our time is too short
It's Scotland we'll take our chances
with the weather, we'll weather the storm

And I still love you
This time I mean it

Another island, they're in the rock pools
The beginning of the world
is in their giddy fingers

They don't know about regret
Nothing they say needs unsaid
They're not trying to forget
whether it's cruel

to say I love you
And not quite mean it

I don't know where this ship goes
I don't know if there's an island
Set a course and stick to it
And we will make it through

And I still love you
That's how I know